Rail Profile Measuring

An effective wheel wear control system is not, however, enough, if the aim is to improve safety and reduce the maintenance costs. As important as the checking of wheel wear is the control of wear of the rails. An essential part of this control is the measuring of the transversal rail profile. Only a control program based on reliable data on wheel and the rail wear during a longer period of time can provide enough information on the rail/wheel interaction.

The rail wear can be measured, for instance, with GoRail rail profile measuring device. It is based on the same philosophy and techniques as the above described GoWheel wheel profile measuring device. GoRail consists of a passive measurement bar that is mounted between the two rails. This bar is supported on the rail foots, where it takes the reference point. The measurement unit is mounted on this bar and fixed to it. The both edges of the rail head can be measured. The principle of the measurement is the same as it is in GoWheel.

Since the reference is taken at the rail foot, all the data of the rail profile, both horizontal and vertical wear are obtained. It takes only a few seconds to measure the profile.

GoRail program calculates and displays the difference between the measured profile and the standard rail head profile. Various variables like the side wear and the vertical wear and also the rail gauge are calculated and displayed.

The property to display the rail head wear in function of time, i.e. the possibility to see how the wear develops, is similar to that of the GoWheel program. The measuring data can also be converted to ASCII format.